The US Military Display the New Weapon

New footage has a release by the U.S. military that shows the firing of the Brutus. A new weapon with 15mm forward recoiling howitzer mounted on a Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles. The team of the 1st Battalion, 37th Field Artillery, 1-2 Brigade Combat, 7th Infantry Division. The team showed the new weapon. The demonstration held at the joint base Lewis-McChord, Washington. The team of this U.S. Army creates an exploratory 155mm truck-mounted howitzer based on experience gained in Syria and Iraq. This new weapon develops to increase mobility and enhance firing capabilities. They install experimental 155mm howitzer on an FMTV 6×6 truck chassis.

This new weapon Howitzer is able to perform by using a wide range of rocket for deployment. Against protected and unprotected targets, to create an opposite move. To block the tactic of enemy armored forces. And to confuse an area. There are no additional details on the Howitzer have released but noted that The U.S. Army interested in new more mobile. As well as easy to carry weapon pieces. This new mobile truck-mounted 155mm howitzer expected to replace the M119 and M777 towed howitzer. That is currently at service of the U.S. Army and Marines. Hence, on the Facebook page where the first photo of the experimental truck-mounted howitzer. This was published by the 75th Field Artillery Brigade on 26 October last year.

In addition, this weapon of the U.S. army defense will continue to protect. The nation who needs the help of the US against their enemy. Therefore, the U.S. military is always ready to protect their friend who is in danger. With this new invention will help to stop the movement of the enemy attack against them. Thus, this gives the U.S. another confidence to defeat the enemy and give protection to the country. As well as for the safety of other nation.